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Pack leadership

Dogs are natural followers

 All dogs need to have a leader. They like someone to make all the decisions and take responsibility for them. Then they can relax and be just dogs, happy dogs! Dogs forgive easy and therefore it is never too late to change their attitude. Every day is a new day for the rest of their life! Dogs have an amazing ability to shake off unpleasant experiences and move on. If we humans however, cling to bad experiences, pity and feel sorry for the dog, we´ll keep them in the past.   

Energy communication

  There are many ways to deal with a dog that has become a problem in his family. It´s all about communication. We need to "talk" like them – in their own energy  language, then they will understand us, in a simple and natural way. Straight, clear and consistent with a calm and confident approach, the dog has the best position to understand what humans want. This is the way dogs & wolves communicate in the wild.     

Respect the Pack leader/Dogwhisperer

When communicating the energy language, you become a full-fledged leader and you win your dog’s respect and trust, with a good understanding where you dictate the terms. A dog that has a clear and confident leader is a happy dog. It is important that all family members understands the importance of their role in the pack/family, to make it easier for the dogs to understand what we expect from them. When the dog respects and trusts their leaders,  the dog can feel completely calm and safe.     

Clear communication

Need help to restore a healthy leadership?

  We will meet at your home and I will help the family bring the pack leader energy out. This will make you appear calm and assertive toward the dog. Understanding how the dog functions and what it reacts to and why, makes it easier for us humans to understand how we should behave. This will create a calm atmosphere both with adults, children as well as with other dogs and animals. 

1,2,3 - Exercise, Discipline, Love

  Dogs must be able to communicate with other dogs in order to make the walks nice. YOU have to be in charge! Every decision must be yours, then your dog can relax and be calm and happy! A dog who relies on the pack leader doesn´t have to be in charge or defend the master. Rather, it can be confident that everything is taken care of. No growling, barking or stress at all. Just a calm, submissive and happy dog! Their natural dog behavior need to be fulfilled.

Leadership begins with the walk

The walk is the most important part for the dog to bond with you and follow you wherever you go. Your dog will mirror your state of mind and emotions. 

The energy of the pack leader is conveyed to the dog, who reacts accordingly with a response within that dynamic. A calm, clear and consistent leader will result in a safe and happy animal, who can enjoy, relax and be - A  DOG!     

Dog Training / Dog Psycology


Dog training is to teach your dog different commands like sit, stay, come, differnt tricks and so on. That's a good thing to teach your dog to make your day easier.

Then what????

You get your dog back, but YOU and your FAMILY is still in  the same energy ......and your dog might sit and lay down as you tell him but that's just a tiny part of what he needs to be a balanced dog. He still rules the house like he was the BOSS!


All dogs needs calm and assertive leaders!

When you understand and act like a leader to the dog, fulfill it's needs -

THEN your dog will respect,  trust and follow you and your wishes.

EXERCISE, DISCIPLINE and LOVE in that order is the winning concept. 

Dog trainer

You can send your dog to a dog trainer. That's what most people think is THE SOLUTION of the dogs misbehavior. The dog will come back knowing all these things......

The dog is your mirror!

Everything your dog does, will mirror the family's energy. The most important thing for the family is to be respected as THE LEADERS , adults as well as kids, which means you also get your dogs trust. But how do we make that happen?


You and your family will be a balanced team that will guide your dog in any situation and wherever you will go, it doesn't' matter , you will always be the trusted leader the dog want's to follow and please. A balanced family creates a balanced dog <3


Da Boy'z

Wolfie is a Miracleworker!My schnausers loved to bark...all the time. Angry notes from neighbours, police notes on the door about complaints. Wolfie came to the rescue! After working with the dogs they no longer bark like maniacs. They sit down nicely when I get home, wait to be petted, no crazy jumping and crying. People walk up to the door, they do bark, but not crazy like before.I highly recomend Wolfie to anyone who needs help with their dogs.

Kerstin Severien

Fabienne's pack

As the caretaker of 3 dogs, one untamed Husky, I found myself quite often at the edge of frustration, walking all at once. That changed when I met Wolfie. In an awestrikingly short timeshe was able to train the dogs and myself. After only three sessions I was able to walk all dogs leashed in one row. Walking them became a pleasure, feeling totally in control of my pack, and the dogs themselves calmer. I am enormously grateful for Wolfie's service and believe she's Blessed with an amazing skill. 

Severe trust issues

I asked Wolfie to move into my home for 3 weeks to caretake my horse and look after my 2 rescue dogs. One of my dogs was very badly abused before I rescued him. This boy had severe trust issues and bad behavior. When I got back from my vacation I had the best behaving dogs. Wolfie completely transformed my dogs in every way. She then had to teach me how to behave with my dogs. She is amazing! I would recommend her skills to anyone.

Sarah Jane Collier

Pet sitting testimonial

Handsome Manny

My name is Jenny Bertolini. I own a store in Sedona. Wolfie has worked for me both in my store and as a pet sitter. She has always been reliable, trustworthy and gone above and beyond to make sure everything is taken care of. I can't think of anyone I would rather have to take care of my animals. I give her my highest recommendation.

Wolfie's service

  * First of all - I will come to your house, to meet your whole family and figure out what your needs are and explain things so we are all on the same page. This also includes "training" of the family how to the easiest way communicate with your dog. I'll show you how to act and react and many time this is all you need. The price also includes a 1 hour revisit in about three weeks for a checkup and questions. 

4 h = $ 450

Hourly rate after that is $ 75/ h

Horsemanship / Horse training

Horsemanship - the habits and skills that both horses and humans needs to become partners. We must first earn their trust , then invite and motivate them to take the next step. Horses are very intelligent and sensitive. They have a lot to teach us. So when we understand how to dance and play with them, they will happily join in and have fun together with us. I don't believe it's necessary to use a bit in their sensitive mouth. Please call for more info


Bringing a new dog home

Chosing a dog / bringing the dog home

To pick a dog that will be a perfect match for you, is a challenge. We often go to a shelter and pick a dog that looks sad, who we feel sorry for. That can really give You many years of trouble, if the dog has a higher energy level than the family and also if it's very dominant, that can cause big trouble !! I'll help you figure out which dog might fit your family best and inform or go with you to bring your new friend home. We start your new life together with your dog, the best way possible.

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